Air Shower Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Air Shower

Air Showers are the essential components which are used to remove loose particles of contamination from air and other products used by people. These are the equipment which uses high-velocity jets for maintaining cleanliness in the rooms. High Quality Products are available at STARCNC Clean Air Technologies which is the Air Shower Manufacturers in Hyderabad.

Air Shower works in an effective way to remove the dust particles on surfaces. The contaminated air is collected at the base of the products and is filtered and re-circulated in the room.

Air Shower Clean Room

For Example, if a person/product enters in the room equipped with Air Shower, and then it automatically sends the high-velocity jets to remove the dust particles on the particular components. STARCNC offers a high-Performance Air Shower system made of the exceptional quality that is well known for their performance.

By Placing this equipment in the clean room both maintenance and contamination load can be reduced. The HEPA Filters will work for a long time. Air Showers work as Air Circulatory system in the clean rooms. Air Shower Manufacturers in Hyderabad, i.e., STARCNC is happy to offer 100% genuine and trusted support for their customers from many years.

Features of Air Showers:
  • Heavy Steel Structure
  • High-Velocity Blower Systems
  • Recirculation Filter System
  • Adjustable and Evenly Spaced Air Nozzles
  • Interlock Door System

STARCNC has been one among the best Air Shower Manufacturers in Hyderabad in offering all types of cleanroom products. It uses the best manufacturing standards and technological designs to give uniqueness to the customers.

Applications of Air Shower Room:
  • Aerospace
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Electronic Industry
  • System Engineering and
  • Optical Industry

STARCNC is the leader of air showers in many of the demanding Industries. With its efficient staff and professionals, this company is serving the customers since from its inception. It has obtained the title of Air Shower Manufacturers in Hyderabad.


Model Work Area Dimension (L x W x H)
LCAT- AS--001 900 x 900 x 2000 MM
LCAT- AS--002 900 x 1200 x 2000 MM