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Our Group started in the year 2009 and having 20 years experience in Manufacturing of all sheet metal products. In the year 2015 we have developed HVAC and cleanroom products with a interview to serve Pharma, Hospitals, R&D centers, Biotechnology making employees as part and parcel in the company growth.
The firm provides entire products range to the clients at very competitive and affordable prices and as well as ensures not to make any compromise with quality of raw materials used or for joints or for final paint finish of products.

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Clean Room Panels

Clean Room Metal Doors

We are an innovator in making Clean Rooms Doors affordable to all, without compromising on the quality.

Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Air Handling Units (AHUs) also known as Air handlers are used to supply and circulate air around a building.

Lab Furniture

Lab Furniture

Our range of Laboratory Furnitures are designed impeccably after studying the usage patterns of the users over.

Lab Furniture

Laminar Flow Unit

A Laminar flow cabinet is an enclosed bench especially designed to prevent contamination of biological samples, semiconductor wafers...

Passbox Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Pass Box

Pass box is used to transfer material from one clean area to another clean area. Contact the top Pass Box manufacturers in Hyderabad.

Air Shower Clean Room Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Air Shower Clean Room

Our range of Air Shower Clean Room products are designed impeccably after studying the usage patterns of the users over.